• Chingoli - Chingoli

    Eneo la Jumuiya hii ni sehemu kubwa ulimwenguni lililohifadhiwa la misitu ya miyombo.

  • Ukutu - Jukumu

    Ukutu WMA lie between 310000 - 435000 E and 9158000 - 9395000 N. The WMA extends from Mkulazi Forest Reserve in the East to Mikumi National Park in the West. In the North is bounded…

  • Liwale - Magingo

    Magingo WMA is located in Liwale District at latitude 37° E and 38.30" E, longitude 9° S and 10° S in Lindi region. It's bordered with Selous Game Reserve in the West and North-west…

  • Burunge - Juhibu

    The Burunge WMA in Babati District is located in Tanzania's wildlife-rich northern tourist circuit. The WMA is very close to both Tarangire and Manyara National Parks. It is roughly…

  • Makao - Juhiwapoma

    The WMA is located in Meatu District.


2012 Brochure

Authorised Association Consortium (AAC), 2012 Brochure

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Authorised Association Consortium (AAC), 2012 Brochure, Download free brochures on our website or request it from

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