• Enduimet - Enduimet

    Enduimet WMA lies in Olmolog and Tinga Tinga wards in the West Kilimanjaro Basin of Longido District. It is bordered with Kilimanjaro National Park on the South-East, while on the North,…

  • Chingoli - Chingoli

    Eneo la Jumuiya hii ni sehemu kubwa ulimwenguni lililohifadhiwa la misitu ya miyombo.

  • Makame - Indema

    The WMA is found in Kiteto District, Bordered and/or completely surrounded by hunting blocks. These blocks are Masai Open Area (West), Irkushbor and Masai Open Area (East) on the North,…

  • Burunge - Juhibu

    The Burunge WMA in Babati District is located in Tanzania's wildlife-rich northern tourist circuit. The WMA is very close to both Tarangire and Manyara National Parks. It is roughly…


    Iluma is located in Kilombero and Ulanga districts, Morogoro Region in the Eastern part of Tazania. Iluma is part of Selous ecosystem and most importantly part of Kilombero Valley Ramsar…


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