Our Services

Services of AAC

The main objective of the AAC is to provide services to AAs members and non-members in Tanzania and improving members' social and economic welfare.

WMA Services

Providing advisory services to AA members particularly during planning of development projects, marketing research and control of illegal offtake of natural resources;

Liaison with government, non-governmental organization and/or private sectors in all matter that affect its members positively or negatively;

Dealing with issues related to licenses, permits and fees for natural resources based investments/businesses;

ensuring good public relationships with governments, NGOs and other institutions that work together with member AAs;

Creating an enabling environment for tourism and hunting business in WMAs;

Law enforcement and ensure the rule of law in all WMAs; and

Dealing with all other issues for the benefits of its members but in compliance with existing policies and legislation

AAC is intending through Consultancy Services to develop a business/conservation related website that will contain information describing WMAs and the attraction found in those WMAs as marketing and information sharing tool to stakeholders. This website is expected to be linked to various websites as links or specific information.

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