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Wildlife-Based Revenue Transparency Performance in Longido and Simanjiro Districts

Wildlife-based tourism revenue is the broad term used to describe income generated from both photographic and hunting tourism. All these are the forms of tourism that take place in different areas such as village land, general land, open land, Game Controlled Areas, Game Reserves and Protected Areas. Photographic tourism takes place mostly in National Parks and Game Reserves. In recent years, especially in northern tourist-circuit, many tour operators have set up operations in villages bordering National parks, Game Reserves or protected areas. Tanzania offers a unique product to the world’s growing tourism sector.

This potential has led to a situation where control over natural resources and ownership of land remain the most prominent
socioeconomic and political issue in rural areas throughout the nation. If properly managed, revenue from the tourism sector could do much to improve livelihoods in rural areas where most
tourism attractions are found.

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