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Taking Stock of Governance of Wildlife by Communities

There is increasing consensus that, despite substantial opportunities and investment to date, progress on community wildlife management (CWM) in Tanzania has fallen below the expectations of many stakeholders. Promised socio-economic benefits, democratic governance and conservation outcomes are not being sufficiently realized. However, there are emerging successes in Tanzania, and experiences in the Region from which all stakeholders can learn.

At a roundtable meeting on “Wildlife for Communities in Tanzania: Taking stock of governance of wildlife by communities” (2-3 November 2011, Giraffe Hotel, Dar es Salaam) TNRF brought together stakeholders and technical experts from communities, research bodies, the private sector, civil society, government and development partners (see Annex II). The roundtable aimed to create a space for informal, open and lively discussion about CWM: what we know, what we still need to learn, where we are, where we want to go, and what we can do to get there. The roundtable also sought to identify a concrete way forward for collaborative actions. It is envisioned as a first step in a longer, multi-stakeholder process to improve CWM in Tanzania.i

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