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From Promise to Performance? Wildlife Management Areas in Northern Tanzania

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are the mechanism established for implementing community wildlife management in Tanzania. WMAs consist of portions of village land set aside for purposes of wildlife conservation and the development of wildlife-based enterprises such as tourism and tourist hunting.

In order to establish WMAs, villages must develop land use plans and by-laws, as well as establish a community-based organization (CBO) that is granted user rights to wildlife by the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism (MNRT).WMAs were !rst formally adopted in Tanzania by the 1998 Wildlife Policy (revised 2007).

This Policy recognized that for the future of wildlife in Tanzania it is essential that wildlife generate economic bene!ts to the rural communities who live alongside wildlife, and for wildlife to be a competitive economic form of land use at the local scale. WMAs were !rst legally established through the WMA
Regulations of 2002 (revised 2005) and are now established in the Wildlife Conservation Act of 2009.

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