• Uyumbu - Uwima

    Uyumbu is in Usoke Division, Urambo District, Tabora Region, Uyumbu is located in Southwest of the old historical stave trade transit route at Usoke. On the East Uyumbu border with…


    Eneo la Jumuiya hii ni sehemu kubwa ulimwenguni lililohifadhiwa la misitu ya miyombo. Vilevile eneo hili la hifadhi ya Jumuiya ya Kisungule ni sehemu ya mapitio ya wanyama(ushoroba)…


    Iluma is located in Kilombero and Ulanga districts, Morogoro Region in the Eastern part of Tazania. Iluma is part of Selous ecosystem and most importantly part of Kilombero Valley Ramsar…

  • Ngarambe /Tapika - Mungata

    Ngarambe - Tapika WMA is comprised of two villages Ngarambe and Tapika which are located in the Rufiji District of the Coast Region of Tanzania. Ngarambe and Tapika villages are located…

  • Chingoli - Chingoli

    Eneo la Jumuiya hii ni sehemu kubwa ulimwenguni lililohifadhiwa la misitu ya miyombo.

WMA services & programes

WMA services & programes

The main objective of the AAC is to provide services to AAs members and non-members in Tanzania and improving…read more »

Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities existing in Tanzania have been categorised in terms of Lead Sectors and Priority…read more »

Randileni – Randileni

"To conserve the RWMA as part of…"

Monduli District in Arusha Region

Randileni Wildlife Management Area (WMA) lies in Monduli District in Arusha Region. In…

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Mbarang’andu – Mbarang'andu

"The wildlife and uranium hot spot"

Namtumbo District, Ruvuma Region

Mbarang'andu WMA is part of the Selous-Niassa Wildlife Corridor. The area borders Selous…

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Ikona – Juhiwaiko

"An area of abundance for large…"

Serengeti District, Mara region

Ikona WMA is located in Serengeti District in Mara region. It covers five villages namely…

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